Benefits of Strength Training & Yoga

Weight normalizes 

Sleep improves

 Immunity increases

 Pain decreases

 Steadiness improves

Depth perception improves

 Balance improves

 Integrated functioning of body parts improves

Somatic awareness increase 
Mood improves 
Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase 
Social adjustment increases 
Anxiety and Depression decrease 
Hostility decreases 
Concentration improves 
Learning efficiency improves 
Mood improves 
Self-actualization increase 
Social skills increases 

Well-being increases 
Attention improves 
Memory improves Pulse rate decreases 
Respiratory rate decreases
Blood Pressure decreases

Joint range of motion increase 
Grip strength increases 
Eye-hand coordination improves 
Dexterity skills improve 
Reaction time improves 
Posture improves 
Strength and resiliency increase 
Endurance increases 
Energy level increases